Technology Driven Firearm Safety, Lawfulness, Privacy and Security

The World's First
Encryption Based
Firearm Platform

Firearm owners can easily harness the power of Blockchain encryption to prevent sensitive private information from getting into the wrong hands and misused.
- Confidentially store and manage all firearm information including licenses, permits, firearms, ammo, and accessory inventory.
- Anonymously share firearm information for lawful interstate and intrastate transportation tracking, lawful loadout preparation, best trip routing and trip deviation alerts.
- Anonymous Guniary Marketplace for firearm related services & products.


ASSET inventory for
insurance purposes

Integrated firearm laws for safe legal interstate transport

Revolutionary Private Anonymous Guniary Marketplace

Why a Gun Diary?

Gun owners are human and we all forget things. Guniary™ is 100% private and anonymous -- a secure way to store your most valuable firearm information using blockchain technology. Track your location and the location of your gun and ammo.

Geo-fencing and alerts could stop a legal nightmare!

You visit a range in PA with friends and stop for coffee on the way there. But little did you know that on the way to get coffee you drove through a school zone with a firearm in your vehicle, breaking the law.

If you have Guniary™, you will be alerted to this, because Guniary™ knows the geolocation of the PA range. Your gun and ammo is checked out of your home location inventory for use in PA.

All completely private - the information is yours, stored on the blockchain, and never shared.