Gun Saftey, Training and Knowing the Law

Knowing The Gun Laws and Following Them With Ease

Guniary – knowing where your gun, ammo and accessories are!

Why … because gunowners are human. 

We can make mistakes, become distracted and just forget.

Can a secure and private technology platform help me?   YES!

How? … the technology platform can help you track your location as well as the location of your gun and your ammo… all anonymously and with complete privacy

For example:  Understanding the gun laws and transportation of guns between states is complicated… here’s what’s required by Federal law

“travelers must be aware of these laws and comply with legal requirements in each jurisdiction.”

Guniary… is the only solution… putting technology and purpose together

Geo-Tracking where your gun is … For Example:

I just left my PA summer home with my AR to go to the shooting  range.  Guniary knows the geo location of your PA home and the PA range – gun and ammo Is checked out of PA location inventory for use.  On way back from the PA range, I stop for some gas and a coffee… I then decide to stop at the a PA food store for some goods before my trip back to my NJ home. I get distracted by a friend in the food store parking lot.  I leaved the PA store and start to head to NJ.

Guniary knows my geo location because of the private and secure geo-fencing technology (fences I placed around my PA AR location… the AR can only be in PA and can never leave.  Before I cross into NJ, Guniary warns me that I did not check in my PA AR and unused ammo into my PA home… disaster averted … possible arrest and confiscation if stopped in NJ

Gun owners get the privacy and safety with Guniary

Make guns safe for everyone with Guniary

Guniary = Technology + Purpose …

Guniary = Technology + Purpose …

Guniary – Gun and Diary — together!  

Why a gun diary?

Why a gun database?

Track Ammo for use and cost management.

Gun inventory for insurance purposes.

Other uses… shooting session, ammo & equipment failures

HOWEVER:  where is the data stored?  Who can see it?  Is the data secure?  Is my identity secure?  What happens to my data if the database or vendor (apps) is breached?

Solutions:  Blockchain technology via Blocksafe and Guniary

Why Blockchain??  Why Blocksafe?

Blockchain TechnologY

decentralized and distributed digital ledger

global self-managed data encryption and storage network

SAFE only the end user can unencrypt

Private – Anonymous

immutable data and events – records cannot be altered retroactively


Secure Information Sharing – using temporary expiring Guniary key

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